Some characteristics of polyurethane foaming machine

We usually say that a foaming machine is a foaming device that can make an aqueous solution of a certain concentration of foaming agent.

Foaming agent may not automatically become foam by itself, it must pass through the mechanical action of the foaming machine to become foam. The foaming machine and the foaming agent are a technical system that cooperates with each other and cannot play a role alone. The polyurethane foaming machine itself cannot produce foam out of thin air. It introduces air into the foaming agent aqueous solution to evenly disperse it to achieve the largest possible contact surface between liquid and gas, so that the surface active substances in the foaming agent are in the liquid film. An electric double layer is formed on the surface and surrounds the air, forming individual bubbles. The main body of foamed concrete is foam, so the foaming machine for foaming has become the key equipment and host for the production of foamed concrete. Without it, there would be no foam concrete. The foaming machine first appeared in foreign countries, and its original model used the impeller to rotate at a high speed to make foam, so it is also known as the foaming machine. Later, with the continuous advancement of technology, the technical content of the foaming machine continued to increase, and new models continued to appear, forming a different technical system. my country began to use foaming machines as early as the 1950s, but instead of special foaming machines, mortar mixers were used. That is, the foaming agent is directly added to the mortar mixer or concrete mixer, and the foaming agent is mixed with the mortar or concrete to generate foam. Around the 1970s, special foaming agents, namely high-speed impeller foaming machines, began to appear. In the future, the technology has been continuously upgraded and replaced, and it has now developed into a third-generation model with high-pressure inflation as the main body, which can basically meet the needs of foamed concrete.