What are the main features of the high-pressure foaming machine?

Speaking of high-pressure foaming machines, all those who do foaming machines know that the high-pressure foaming mechanism foam not only has a small water content, but also a small foam density. When we buy a high-pressure foaming machine, we should not only look at the output of the high-pressure foaming machine, but also pay attention to the quality of the foam.


The output of the foaming machine is high and the water content is small, and the foam quality is good. Has the following advantages:

1. Jinlong high-pressure foaming machine has a large foaming capacity, which can reach about 30m3 per hour.

2. Small size, covering an area of only 0.7m2, exquisite and compact.

3. Light weight and convenient to move. The weight of the whole machine is less than 170kg. It is equipped with 4 universal wheels, which can be pushed by one person and transported by two persons. The main unit and all accssories can be easily transported by a micro-surface truck.

4. Taking into account both large-area and scattered construction, it can not only combine large-area construction with multiple units, but also complete scattered construction tasks independently

5. The working voltage is 380V, which is stable and reliable; 220V working voltage is also optional, which is more applicable.

6. The power of the drug pump is 1.5KW, the air pressure is 8kg, and the power of the air compressor is 3KW. (The specifications of single/three-phase motors are different)

7. Convenient control. Bubbles can be produced by pressing the button. No complicated adjustment is required. You can learn to control and operate in 10 minutes, which is very convenient to use.

8. The foaming is fine and uniform, and the foam is like a cloud.

9. The high-pressure foaming machine has good adaptability to the viscosity of the foaming agent. Generally, foaming machines are only suitable for medium and low-viscosity foaming agents, and foaming machines are also very suitable for high-viscosity foaming agents and have excellent foaming.